14 Jan

Choosing an apartment off campus is not an easy thing to do and should be taken with the seriousness it deserves. Before you set out to look for housing, consider some of the tips highlighted herein for a simpler process.

Go Solo or Choose a Roommate
Before choosing an oxford housing, you must decide if you will live alone or with other people. If you decide to reside with someone else, ensure that they are agree with all your living requirements. Discuss if you will wake up early, sleep late and how often you will entertain guests.You must not hesitate asking any questions to any person you are considering living with. This is because this house you will be sharing with this person during the lease period. Do not be in a hurry to settle for a roommate.

Come up with a Suitable Budget
Once you determine the person you will live with, you must then think of the budget. Knowing how much you can afford for a house requires you to honestly think of your spending and if possible, consider cutting down on it to afford good housing. Also, if your parents will be helping you acquire an apartment, you must involve them in all processes from beginning to the end. It is advisable that you do not exceed 30-40 percent of your income paying rent. Please bear this in mind when finalizing on matters to do with budget, as well as other factors like parking, amenities and utilities, security deposits, and pet fees.

Think of the Ideal Search Parameters
Once you establish your comfortable price range for housing, there are other parameters that you must think of as well. One such factor is the location. This is a very critical aspect that you cannot assume when looking for a rental. You must ascertain that the building is in a safe place and close to public transportation if you do not own a car. For those with cars, they must also think of the parking fees as well. In both cases, you must be aware of your environment, particularly if you have night time classes, while walking to the bus or your car. You must ask about the amenities present in the apartment building before agreeing to lease it. Before you begin your search, write down a list of your needs and wants. Such requests include a fitness centre, a pool or a business center.

Begin the Search Immediately
Once you decide to get a house, begin your search immediately. It is however recommended that you search for an off campus house during off peak season. This way you will have ample time looking for a good place. If you wait till the anticipated move-in date, the number of apartments could decrease significantly.

Beware of Scams
While conducting your search for an ideal apartment, make sure you watch out for rental scams by looking for any signs of phantom rentals - nonexistent apartment as well as landlords who get false listings from reputable rental sites. You should not send money to anyone before seeing the apartment first.

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